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The Clubb Law Firm, LLC is the right choice for consumers who need help.  Our lawyers are the experienced consumer law advocates for the Southeast Missouri region, having worked on some of the most high profile and important consumer law cases and issues in the country.  The Clubb Law Firm, LLC will fight for your rights.

Helping people get results

Have you been the victim of consumer fraud or an unfair business practice?  Knowing your rights and having an effective advocate on your side can help get you the restitution and satisfaction you deserve.  Sometimes the Missouri Attorney General’s Office or the Better Business Bureau can help you with your dispute.  But those are big agencies looking for specific patterns and problems to address for the good of everyone in the State.  The Clubb Law Firm, LLC’s attorneys can give your case the individualized attention it deserves.  We should know; we used to practice consumer protection law at the Missouri Attorney General’s Office. 


Being an informed consumer and having an attorney who can fight for you can mean the difference between getting ripped off and getting what you deserve.  Here are some tips to keep you from being a victim of consumer fraud:

Home repair fraud - You should beware of any worker who solicits door to door.  Most con artists operate this way.  Also, look for out-of-state plates or unmarked vehicles, especially after storms.  Most contractors do not and should not require full payment before beginning work.  Finally, try to get as many estimates as possible and get all your agreements in writing, including a description of the job, completion dates, price, and contact information.

Travel offers -  If you receive a phone call or postcard offering a free vacation, watch out!  No business is the business of giving away free vacations to strangers.  Get in writing all items included in a vacation package, such as lodging, meals, transportation.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Financial, credit & debt defense-
Debt collectors and credit repair companies must comply with state and federal laws.  Sometimes they need to be reminded of that fact.  The Clubb Law Firm, LLC can work with you to protect your rights. 

Medical & Hospital bill defense - Medical and hospital bills are one of the leading causes of bankruptcy.  We can help you fight this debt.

Ripped Off - Sometimes a business or an individual has simply just tried to rip you off.  We have the experience and knowledge of Missouri and Federal law necessary to fight for your rights. 

Consumer Protection for You -

The first step toward protecting your rights is documentation.  Keep supporting documentation of your transaction and all of your contact with the business or company.  Be as detailed as possible in your summaries of phone calls and be sure to ask for the name or agent number of every person with whom you speak.  Filing a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office or Better Business Bureau is a good idea, but these agencies are often overwhelmed with complaints and may not be able to give your complaint the attention it deserves. 

To get real results you may need an attorney willing to fight for you.  That’s when you should contact The Clubb Law Firm, LLC.  We can give your case the personalized attention and vigorous follow-through it deserves. 

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