Deciding to get a divorce will probably be one of the most difficult and upsetting decisions of your life.  There is nothing "easy" about getting a divorce and it can be very stressful physically and financially. 

A dissolution of marriage is started by filing a petition for dissolution in state court.  Once that is filed, both parties must fill out forms relating to their assets, income, and expenses.  If children are involved, there will be more forms and more things to consider when arriving at the ultimate dissolution.  Sometimes, a dissolution can be a relatively quick and simple matter.  Other times, it is more complex and can take several months or more to complete.  Each case is unique, but The Clubb Law Firm, LLC can help you navigate the waters and fight for your rights. 

If you are thinking about getting a divorce or your spouse has filed for divorce, please call us at (573) 651-1900 or email us to set up an appointment today. 
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