Estate Planning

You can save a lot of money and potential chaos and hard feelings among those closest to you by preplanning how you want your assets managed when you are incapacitated, and how your property will be divided at your death.

Dying Without a Will

If you die without a will (known as dying "intestate") in Missouri, your assets will be divided amongst your immediate family.  This can amount to a great deal of extra cost and heartache.  Having an attorney draft the proper documents can give you the peace of mind of knowing that you have planned for your family's future.

Probate is the public process of:
  • Filing and validating a will in court
  • Paying all the debts and taxes of the deceased person
  • Dividing up the assets according to the will or Missouri law

If you have no debts and no "titled property" such as real estate or vehicles to pass along to heirs, there may be no need for probate.  The attorneys at The Clubb Law Firm, LLC can represent your interests or estates in probate court. 

We can also draft trusts to help avoid or minimize the necessity of going through probate court.  Please call us at (573) 651-1900 or email us today to set up an appointment. 
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