Ripped Off

In Missouri, consumers have a great tool to help them get restitution when a purchase goes wrong, but there aren't many attorneys in the state who know how to use this tool.  We're referring to the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act, and it's the statutory chapter Laura Clubb was in charge of enforcing during her years as Chief Counsel of the Consumer Protection Division. 

The MMPA gives consumers the right to file a lawsuit against a person or company that uses unfair or deceptive practices in the sale or advertisement of merchandise or services.  For example, if a consumer paid a house painter $500 to paint his garage and the painter took the money and didn't paint the garage, the consumer could sue the house painter under the MMPA to recover the $500.  Now you may be thinking that the consumer in this scenario could just file an action for breach of contract, and that's true.  But under the MMPA, the court can award attorneys fees to the prevailing consumer and assess punitive damages against the wrongdoer.  These remedies aren't always available in a breach of contract lawsuit, and that's why it's so important to have an attorney who knows how to use the MMPA.

The point is that if you have a situation where you think you've been ripped off, you're not without recourse.  Call The Clubb Law Firm at (573) 651-1900 and talk with us about your problem or email us.  If we can find a way to help you get your money back or a replacement product or restitution, we'll do it.
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